Cannot issue for \"reverse-proxy.traefik.\": Domain name ends in a dot"

Hi, I have to maintain system that use traefik and I have to change certificate. When I changed it, I see log from traefik container like this, and my system cannot be accessed anymore :(. Can someone help me to find the problem cause, thank you.

This is the full error message I've got.
Unable to obtain ACME certificate for domains "reverse-proxy.traefik." detected thanks to rule "Host:reverse-proxy.traefik." : cannot obtain certificates: acme: Error 400 - urn:ietf:params:acme:error:rejectedIdentifier - Error creating new order :: Cannot issue for "reverse-proxy.traefik.": Domain name ends in a dot

This is my traefik.toml

debug = false

logLevel = "ERROR"
defaultEntryPoints = ["https","http"]

  address = ":80"
    entryPoint = "https"
  address = ":443"
      certFile = "certs/cdgssl-2020.crt"
      keyFile  = "certs/cdgssl-2020.pem"


endpoint = "unix:///var/run/docker.sock"

# Specify root domain
domain = ""
watch = true
exposedByDefault = false

email = ""
storage = "acme.json"
entryPoint = "https"
onHostRule = true

# Specify ACME domains (multiple domains with wildcards allowed)
  main = ""

# Specify DNS Challenge Provider
entryPoint = "http"