Can I deploy traefik on docker swarm to issue ssl certificates for multiple domains?

Currently I am using traefik v2.1 to deploy a docker ssl provisioning service to many clients and I wonder if I can deploy it on docker swarm, if deployed on docker swarm how can traefik know that a new container is created on a different node than the one it is running on (I know that /var/run/docker.sock in docker swarm will be independent on each node).
Hope the development team of traefik and everyone in the community use the answer to help me (if my english is a bit poor, please ignore)
Thank you

This is a regular question here, search for Swarm and LetsEncrypt.

Traefik works with Swarm without a problem, but only Traefik EE supports clustered LetsEncrypt (multi instance Traefik with LE).

There are some (complicated) workarounds (see for example here), using a single certbot instance behind multiple Traefik instances, providing the certs to Traefik.