Call back: 404 error page not found

Your config looks wrong. Maybe you start again what you want to achieve.

What URL should the client call, what URL should Traefik forward the request to?

By the way, there is no "redirect". Traefik will forward or proxy a request, a redirect is telling the client to fetch a different address itself.

The router rule needs to match your request. Then the service is used to forward the request.

Your middleware looks wrong, where do you get those values from? Why do you have the same target URL in service twice?

I've been working on this for months, I don't really understand what to do anymore.

in my service I want to put a proxy system which allows me to expose our applications on the internet, but also to communicate with other urls without going through VPN, basically here is the objective.

my server where traefik is installed is:
the associated public URL is
I then want to associate this public address with my internal service like: (this is a web service deployed by me)
then there is the
"" (he is deployed by a partner, we use VPN but I want to be able to reach it through traefik and drop the VPN)

so on so that if tomorrow I have another partner with another service, I can give him a public address and associate him with my internal service without using a VPN.
The second essential point is security.
once the communication has passed how to put security in place.

This is basically what I want to achieve

I downloaded and installed traefik on a linux machine
here is the basic configuration:

the other configuration that I shared yesterday was as an example, here is actually what I did:

    insecure = true
    dashboard = true
    debug = true
  # Send anonymous usage data
  sendAnonymousUsage = true
    level = "INFO"

        address = ":80"
        to = "websecure"
        scheme = "https"
        permanent = true
        priority = 10

    address = ":443"

    directory = "/home/frankenzy/traefik/services/"
    watch = true

folder services/traefik.toml
            entryPoints = ["nsia"]
            rule = "Host(``)"
            middlewares = ["api-forwarding"]
            service = "traefik"

            X-Forwarded-Proto = "https"
            X-Forwarded-Port = "443"
            X-Forwarded-Uri = "/entries"

                    url = ""
                    url = ""

I need help and also sorry,

You seem to do erratic changes to your strange configuration. How about you read through the Traefik docs to understand how it works?

Router rule is the domain or IP you access Traefik with. When Traefik sees a http request matching rule, then it will apply middleware and then forward to service.

Are the settings in middleware the http headers that your target service requires?

Why would you forward your request round-robin to two different target server URLs?

you can help me with the basic configuration, tell me what information you need. This will be my basic configuration that I can adapt to our architecture. I really need it because my job is threatened.
as explained, we want to set up a proxy system to no longer have to use VPNs and then expose our services on the web with partners. We work in a closed intranet environment. so our objective is that from now on if a partner tells us that it has a service available on the web we will not need a VPN but configure traefik in order to allow our employees to access this url through traefik. the same if we want to offer a service to a partner, we just need to configure a service in traefik and give them a public address that they can access via the web

Hello, I would like to thank you because I successfully configured traefik and the reridrecton works very well.

Thank you for your assistance and patience.