Caching resources with Docker Swarm with Traefik LB

Hi team!

I need to caching static resources (js, css, html, images, etc...) with my Docker Swarm cluster. I see that Traefik doesn't have this feature.

I've seen a lot of threads talking about file caching with Nginx, Varnish, Hitch, etc... and I don't quite know which system to choose for this purpose.

Which is the best configuration for caching resources with a scenario with Docker Swarm multi node and Traefik as a load balancer?

I'm sure there will be some optimal settings to caching resources with Traefik in Swarm mode.

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @sergarrido, as you already and correctly guessed, Traefik's role is not about caching resources and not serving files as a web server would do.

The "classic" setup in Docker Swarm would be:

  • Traefik responsible for routing requests from outside to inside
  • A web server (Nginx, Varnish, whatever) responsible for caching

Traefik would see the web server as a backend service.

=> Then you would have to decide: "what is the condition on requests that would make Traefik send requests to this backend?" . it can be based on the host, on path, on header's value or cookies value.

I recommend you to start with Traefik v2.0 (as this topic is currently on the Traefik v1 section):

Then, the "caching" part is a matter of the tools you want to choose. Nginx could be a good start:

My recommendation is to "split" concerns. Try avoiding putting all features on the same application: routing requests and caching file are 2 different things!

Hi @dduportal,

Thanks for your information.

Finally, I’ve decided to add HAProxy before Docker Swarm Cluster and install Varnish for caching static resources.

I’ve used this map:

Thanks for all.