Bad record MAC from Traefik to service

Hello, I'm running mqtt behind Traefik on TCP port 8883. The MQTT container itself is running without tls on 1883. Traefik is the reverse proxy and is doing tls offloading. I'm using a certificate signed by my own CA which is created using openssl. The CA is trusted on my devices and everything is working fine. However, I noticed a lot of entries in the traefik.log file as follows:
level=error msg="Error during connection: readfrom tcp> local error: tls: bad record MAC"

All the containers are configured to use a network called "backend". Traefik is configured to use networks "web" and "backend". The IP address is assigned to the Traefik container.

I'm not sure why Traefik is trying to connect to the MQTT container on but there are a lot of errors the like the one above.

Any ideas why Traefik is generating these error messages?