Backend Service is blue

I have deployed a new pod, it looks like traefik has picked up the frontend and backend automatically, but how do I now set up the route so that I can hit it over
I'm very new to Traefik so any help would be great.

Does your Ingress Object have a proper host? :slight_smile:

I don’t know :cry:

The pods are up and running

That's not what I meant. You're kubernetes Ingress Object you created, is that properly configured? You can also post it here, so I can have a look

I didn't create a ingress.yaml for this pod/service if thats what you mean by ingree object It automatically appeared once the pod was deployed. I just went back to the dashboard and bingo those new services appeared

Ok, then this is what missing :-).

You need to create an Ingress Object and link it to the service. Then you'll have it available with your desired domain

Ah ok sounds good, don’t suppose you have an example of how? :wink:

Hi Santo DE

I've created the ingress object, It's looking better, but i still cant hit it over
The backend pool is blue :slight_smile: but still cant hit it

Not to worry, all sorted now.
Thanks for your help Santo