asDefault not a valid field for entrypoint definitions?

I'd like to specify one of my entrypoints as default so it's one less label I need to apply to my docker containers. It appears that AsDefault is the option I want, according to the documentation. My entrypoints configuration is as so:

    address: :80
          to: "websecure"

    address:	:443
    asDefault: true

However, Traefik 2.9.8 fails to start up with the following error:

command traefik error: field not found, node: asDefault

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

was introduced with Traefik v3.

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That... would make sense. I had no idea v3 was considered "master" at this point. Even my Google (or DDG)-fu is failing me for this feature, besides the official doc which has no indication that this is v3-only. Maybe a note or something on the documentation indicating that this is v3-only could be helpful?

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