APCUPSD External Service multiple ports, only partially working?

Hello, I'm seeking some help with my Traefik v2 install. I've setup Traefik to work with a number of external (Non-Docker) services and have them all working fine except for one, APCUPSD. I have setup a app-apcupsd.toml rules file as such.

      entryPoints = ["https"]
      rule = "Host(`apcupsd1.mydomain.com`)"
      service = "apcupsd1-svc"
      middlewares = ["middlewares-basic-auth@file", "apcupsd-add-multimon"]
        certresolver = "dns-cloudflare"

    prefix = "/cgi-bin/apcupsd/multimon.cgi"

      passHostHeader = true
        url = ""

This works perfect for getting me to the APCUPSD monitor webpage that shows the overall status of my 2 UPS's that are being monitored by this server. The issue I'm encountering is that there are 2 additional areas you can go for detailed information.

One is a GUI graphical representation of the data at:

the other is a raw data feed at:

Neither of these 2 links redirect correctly when accessed through Traefik. When I click them, the URL loads in the browser but the redirect does not put me on the webpage. Presumably this is because the port being referenced (3551) is not defined anywhere in my APCUPSD rules file only the standard port 80 is. Port 3551 is for UPS1, I also have a UPS2 that uses port 3552 to display data feeds for that one. Once I figure out where this rule goes I should be able to duplicate it for the second one.

The raw URL of APCUPSD for this is:

The file currently has a prefix add of "/cgi-bin/apcupsd/multimon.cgi", and I'm not sure how this factors into everything when the detailed section is using a different URL.

Does anyone know what rules need to be built to work with ports 3551 and 3552 so I can access the detailed UPS information correctly through Traefik? Do I need to add any other prefix rules somehow to deal with the different URLs for the detailed stats?