Annotations for rewrite and other features in v2


Looking at v1 documentation for standard K8s ingress one can see a bunch of very useful (albeit non-standard) annotations for various features (including URL rewriting) which are seemingly undocumented for v2.

Are they still available but undocumented? Is another approach preferred?


Hello @tn-osimis,

In Traefik v2, functionality such as redirection, rewriting, and other functions are now contained in middlewares: Overview - Traefik

You can create these middlewares in kubernetes using the CRDs (Kubernetes CRD - Traefik), and then using the annotation, you can add them to your ingress (Kubernetes Ingress - Traefik)

Another option would be to use the IngressRoute CRD, which will further expose more functionality that the base Ingress objects don't allow.

Thanks a lot for the pointers, answers the question perfectly. Cheers!