Adding X-Frame-Options allow-from and from-ancestors

Hi, i have traefik version 2.80 running on docker which that one i want to ask some questions is :

  • what options that i should use on the title that will allow accessible Frame-Options allow-from and from ancestors

  • in the file configuration i put some line like this :

        browserXssFilter: true                            # X-XSS-Protection=1;>
        contentTypeNosniff: true                          # X-Content-Type-Opti>
        forceSTSHeader: true                              # Add the Strict-Tran>
        frameDeny: false                                   # X-Frame-Options=deny
        referrerPolicy: "strict-origin-when-cross-origin"
        stsincludeSubdomains: true                        # Add includeSubdomai>
        stsPreload: true                                  # Add preload flag ap>
        stsSeconds: 63072000
        customFrameOptionsValue: "sameorigin"

          - http://localhost:3000
          - https://*
          - https://*

hopefully you guys have some answers, cheers