Adding ReadinessGate & preStop to Traefik Helm Chart

Hello !

We are running Traefik as a Kubernetes Ingress Controller on some of our Kubernetes clusters, and we found some Deployment features that we could use to enhance the reliability of our service.

By combining ReadinessGate & preStop on Kubernetes we can make sure Cloud Load Balancers are configured properly before stopping a Traefik POD during rollout operations.

We prepared a PR on the Traefik v2 Helm Chart to add support for those fields to anyone interested: Add readinessGates and lifecycle properties by romainDavaze · Pull Request #567 · traefik/traefik-helm-chart · GitHub

Can someone from the Traefik team give feedback on this change ?


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Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you @rbailly for using Traefik and your contribution to the Traefik Helm Chart. The review has been just published.