Acme resolver not starting due to "read only file system" on K8s (Digital Ocean)

I am new to Traefik and K8s but am trying to get Traefik as an ingress controller.
I am using the Helm chart to generate the K8s YAML files. I was able to get HTTP
ingress working but when I went to add Acme (Let's Encrypt) using DNS (GoDaddy) I
get an error that the acme.json file is on a read-only files system. This is in (from the args: section of the
generated YAML file). When I log into the pod I can see the empty file in /data/acme.json BUT the directory on a read-write file system and I can write a file that
is still there if I destroy the pod and allow it to be re-generated. The volume is a PVC and Digital Ocean is correctly created a PV to go along with it.

As I said I am new to K8s, is there something that I need to do cause the startup of Traefik in the pod to wait till all the PVCs have been bound?

I think that I am not doing anything odd here. I am using Terraform to create the K8s cluster but am waiting till I see that it is up and can do a kubectl get all before trying to
do the helm install.

A bit more information:

The only other pods on the K8s cluster are a static website using Apache and Hashicorp Consul.
I tried with only the Apache pod and I was able to get the 404 for a URL that was not there but to get to the static website Consul was needed. Once I had Consul running I was able to access with HTTP but still got the self signed cert with HTTPS.