Absolute Redirection [Traefik v2.3]


We have set up a middleware in traefik that is working fine, with the next configuration:

        scheme = "https"
        port = 30443
        permanent = true

I'm using Traefik v2.3 as a Reverse Proxy, TLS Offloading an applicattion called Dashmachine. The thing is that Dashmachine do some redirections using absolute redirection, so the https scheme and/or the port is overwritten by the application.

In Nginx i have fixed this issue using the next option:

absolute_redirect off;

Is it possible to do it easily with Traefik?

Thank you in advance.


P.S: I attach my static and dynamic configuration files:


defaultEntryPoints = ["https"]

level = "DEBUG"

  address = ":443"

    filename = "/etc/traefik/proxy-config.toml"


  #rule = "PathPrefix(`/`)"
    rule = "HostRegexp(`{any:.*}`)"
    service = "backend"
    entryPoints = ["https"]
    middlewares = ["test-redirectscheme"]
      options = "myTLSOptions"

    minVersion = "VersionTLS12"

      certFile = "/etc/certs/dashmachine.pem"
      keyFile = "/etc/certs/dashmachine.key"

    scheme = "https"
    port = 30443
    permanent = true

      url = "http://dashmachine:5000"