A way to absorb labels from the ingress as part of the metrics?

currently the metrics look like this:

traefik_service_requests_total{app_kubernetes_io_component="metrics", app_kubernetes_io_name="traefik", code="200", container="traefik", exported_service="servicename-50051@kubernetes", job="traefik-metrics", method="POST", namespace="traefik-v2", protocol="http", service="traefik-metrics"}

We would like to at least get

exported_namespace and the ingress name it belongs to?

ideal world, we want to be able to absorb all the labels that are applied to the ingress / service

our current config contains

        - --metrics.prometheus=true
        - --metrics.prometheus.entrypoint=metrics
        - --metrics.prometheus.addrouterslabels=true
        - --metrics.prometheus.addserviceslabels=true
        - --metrics.prometheus.addentrypointslabels=true

A join to the Ingress related metrics that kube-state-metrics collects: kube-state-metrics/ingress-metrics.md at master · kubernetes/kube-state-metrics · GitHub might be what you're looking for :slight_smile: