404 error for ACME

I've been trying to set up ACME and a new website, however i'm having a few issues. I can't connect to the website over HTTP or HTTPS (i just get a 404) and ACME fails with Unauthorized due to 404. This goes for every website i have set up.

Compose files:

Compose for Traefik:

version: '3.7'

    image: traefik:v2.7
      - target: 80
        published: 80
        mode: host
      - target: 443
        published: 443
        mode: host
      - /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock
      - /etc/traefik/acme/acme.json:/acme.json 
      - proxy
        - traefik.enable=false

      - --log.level=DEBUG
      - --providers.docker
      - --providers.docker.swarmmode=true
      - --providers.docker.network=proxy
      - --entrypoints.http=true
      - --entrypoints.http.address=:80
      - --entrypoints.http.http.tls.options
      - --entrypoints.https=true
      - --entrypoints.https.address=:443
      - --entrypoints.https.http.tls.options
      - --certificatesresolvers.letsencrypt=true
      - --certificatesresolvers.letsencrypt.storage
      - --certificatesresolvers.letsencrypt.acme.httpchallenge=true
      - --certificatesresolvers.letsencrypt.acme.httpchallenge.entrypoint=http
      - --certificatesresolvers.letsencrypt.acme.email=me@mywebsite.com
    external: true

This is running on a Docker Swarm controlled by Portainer.

i don’t have dashboard enabled, because apparently having that in production is not good

Technically speaking, having a dashboard running on production does not have any side effects for your environment concerning all aspects e.g. performance, security etc. Once you have the dashboard protected there is no risk with having that deployed in any environment.

Please let me know your thoughts.

oh. i was just providing more information, someone elsewhere suggested i check that, so i’m working on it just in case. my original problem is above

looking on the acme-http router in the dashboard, it’s getting an error: “unknown TLS options: true@internal“

I fixed this by explicitly disabling TLS on the HTTP router, but i don’t quite understand why i had to

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