2.9.4: ACME Default Certificate not working

After following this Traefik TLS Documentation - Traefik
I set docker just like the below

  - "traefik.tls.stores.default.defaultgeneratedcert.resolver=myresolver"
  - "traefik.tls.stores.default.defaultgeneratedcert.domain.main=example.org"
  - "traefik.tls.stores.default.defaultgeneratedcert.domain.sans=foo.example.org, bar.example.org"

But the self-signed certificate was generated instead of getting certificate from acme resolver

level=debug msg="No default certificate, fallback to the internal generated certificate" tlsStoreName=default

Your LetsEncrypt resolver myresolver needs to be defined in the static Traefik configuration. Docs.

So it needs to be in a static config file or in the command section of Docker.

Yes, of course. Just to clarify myresolver works well for other tls enabled "router".

I will coin a new phrase: "No config, no cookies!" :smile:

Please share your static and dynamic Traefik config, docker-compose.yml if used.