Wordpress/Version 2.7

Hey Guys

Slightly unclear on something, I understand the quick start tutorial and have a reasonable understanding though, I had a fatal experience before hand as I didn't realise the versions had very different config which slowed down my learning.

The part I dont understand about the tutorial is using the new config process, how would you combine


With the new configuration options?

I am good and understanding if there is a sample of a config which I can reverse engineer so to speak if someone has something like that?

I attempted to simply add the details from the above image similar to the tutorial but edit in the labels to ensure the new version picks it up. I have multiple app's setup on my own personal stack but not entirely satisfied yet as I am having trouble add the likes of the above or combining two images like ghost and wordpress or simply 2 wordpress sites.

Hopefully this post is understandable. Feel like ive been rambling a bit lol