When can we see some traefik hub subscriptions?

I've been evaluating traefik hub for some time and it meets my use case.

I work from home and have a 4G-LTE connection with CGNAT (Carrier Grade NAT means I can't get any public IP address). Traefik-hub is just what I need to publish a few services so that I can test / demonstrate some apps hosted on my computers.

I need a solution that allows a low data volume connection to a few apps and services.

The link https://hub.traefik.io/settings/workspace?isPlanModalOpen=true shows two product tiers at this time - free - limited to 1 service / 1Gb per month and commercial with no pricing details ( offline I heard that 25K€ per annum is the starting point).

So how about some basic-plus services at around 100-200€ per year?

What do you think?


Hey Steve,

Thanks for your suggestion, I will pass it along to our Product team.