Traefik w/ proxy protocol and ssl


I setup traefik with proxy protocol to receive content from a Load Balancer. The LoadBalancer (Scaleway) allows me to choose between proxy v1/v2/v2-ssl/v2-ssl-cn. Any will work, I set v2-ssl (no docs on what that really means).

I see traffic is not encrypted (tcpdump shows the content), how do I set up traefik to accept traefik with SSL (with proxy protocol)`?

I added a valid certificate for the domain I'm proxying, in the conf, but I can't understand how I should configure the proxy to use it.

It seems in my case Scaleway Load Balancer needed to use port 443 to send encrypted data. I now see packets with tcp-v1.3 are used. That makes me think I'm correctly encrypted... No need to handle certificates on traefik side.