Traefik CLI with AND (&&) operator

I have a working container running Traefik. I'm trying to implement something where after Traefik stands up successfully a call is made to an external service to kick something off:

traefik --api=true --api.insecure=true ... --api.dashboard=true && [do something]

I've done some experimentation, and it seems that nothing is being executed after the Traefik command. For example:

echo "Hello World" && traefik --api=true --api.insecure=true ... --api.dashboard=true && echo "Goodbye World"

"Goodbye World" never prints out.

If && is not feasible, is there any other way to tell when stand up is complete?


@ldez Yes, I'm aware of that feature. That enables external sources to see the status. What I'm in need of is for the container to be self-aware - to do something immediately after its standup is successful.