Self Hosted Bitwarden instance with Traefik on IPv6 Only Host


Anyone has experience routing traffic in between an IPv6 only host and a Self Hosted Bitwarden instance on Docker with Docker Compose on the same host which only willing to Bind to IPv4 address?

I have recently had to switch over to IPv6 Only with DNS NAT64 from a simple IPv4 Host configuration on the same machine where I had Docker and Docker Compose running happily a Self hosted Bitwarden instance ( it uses also Letsencrypt certificates inside the docker container itself)

When I switched over to IPv6 ... The Self Hosted Bitwarden instance stopped working as it can not find an IPv4 address to Bind to and serve its Port 80 (webui).

I can access this Server with the IPv6 address from outside / another host in IPv4 network as I have its FQDN bind to the IPv6 address and proxied when the request coming from IPv4 Network via cloudflare.. >> AAAA set to 2a01:example:example::5/64

From an IPv6 machine or network I can reach this Server with pure IPv6 address without the help of Cloudflares IPv6 to IPv4 translation proxying.

  • Anyone knows how to connect the two sides together? letting Docker bind to an internal IPv4 address and Traefik route it back and forth to the WAN and also incoming requests on Port 80 f.e via 2a01:example:example::5/64 and FQDN to find its way inside the IPv4 only address bind-ed inisde Docker exposing its port 80??

Thanks a lot,.