"<request_referrer>" not present in JSON log format

I noticed that in the 'common' log format there is the "<request_referrer>" parameter. This does not seem to be present in the JSON format. I am missing something?

Also, I was using this curl command to see what would happen(common) in the logs but it was still "-"

curl -v -H "request_referrer: www.example.com" -e http://www.example.com http://localhost/

One last thing, isn't "<request_referrer>" spelled wrong? I don't think there is a double 'rr' in there.


I sometimes see request_Referer in Traefik JSON access log. But not sure if that field is really correctly logged for every request.

The misspelling of referrer was introduced in the original proposal by computer scientist Phillip Hallam-Baker to incorporate the "Referer" header field into the HTTP specification. The misspelling was set in stone by the time (May 1996) of its incorporation into the Request for Comments standards document RFC 1945 (which 'reflects common usage of the protocol referred to as "HTTP/1.0"' at that time); document co-author Roy Fielding remarked in March 1995 that "neither one (referer or referrer) is understood by" the standard Unix spell checker of the period.