Real IP from ELB

I'm implementing Traefik 2 as an ingress controller for k8s in AWS and am looking to log the real external address. I'm only seeing internal IPs in X-Real-Ip and X-Forwarded-For. I've enabled the proxy protocol for the ELB but still am unable to log the client IP.

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TL;DR: Publish ports in host mode.

Hi, this solution is for Docker Swarm, not k8s.

I'm encountering the same issue and seeking for solutions :confused:

Hello @mindcruft,

If you are running k8s, the service you use to configure the ELB will determine what is required to preserve the source IP.

Please see

Note that this configuration is outside of Traefik. If Traefik is presented the source IP, it will use it, and log it properly.

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