NATS server not working with Traefik 2.5.2 + Kubernetes

Cross posted to Github issue here: Getting NATS to work behind a Traefik ingress controller? · Issue #8670 · traefik/traefik · GitHub

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I am trying to set up Traefik to pass TCP on port 4222 to a NATS server running inside our cluster.

As far as I can tell from the dashboard, the TCP router is pointed to the correct service which in turn is pointed to the correct container.

However, for some reason, everything that tries to talk to the service externally results in an i/o timeout error response while trying to connect to the NATS server.

Routing traffic internally between pods / services / containers works, so I know there is something with the way Traefik is handling the connection that is causing it to fail.

More info on the NATS service and what it does is available here:

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