Mutual Authentication in Docker

In the instructions for tls options I only saw the following for docker


I was wondering how do I set up mutual authentication?

Hello @trajano,

Mutual Authentication can be configured via tls.options:

Those TLS options can then be applied to a router.

thanks but I am trying to figure out how to do it using the Docker labels. Now that the beta is out there should be something around here

Still no luck, I tried


I simply set up the configuration needed in a .toml file:

      caFiles = ["/etc/traefik/sslca/basic.pem"]
      clientAuthType = "RequireAndVerifyClientCert"

and then used a docker label to reference the config:

      - "traefik.http.routers.myrouter.tls.options=client@file"

works like a charm.


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Thanks totally forgot about this question, but you and I ended up with the same solution that I used in Trajano base Docker swarm stacks

What is client@file ? where this come from ? i don't understand your solution

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