Modular Docker-Compose for Self-Signed & LetsEncrypt?

I have a rather complicated docker-compose that works for a bunch of services + Let's Encrypt. Now I want to be able to launch the same services networked the same way but with self signed certs... I've had much luck so far and it seems like I'll have to build a different docker-compose.yml for that... Any suggestions on how to do this?

So far:
-- remove all traefik comments for caserver, tls, acme storage, compression, certresolver
-- add a traefik.tml that points to self signed cert & mount it
-- mount the certs too (under traefik service)
-- change all router's Host names from FQDN to a local hostname
-- add those local hostnames to /etc/hosts

I'm still not even close... What am I missing?