Microk8s Traefik Dashboard

Hi all, I have set up a microk8s one node cluster as a test and installed and configured metalLB as a load-balancer alongside Traefik. It is working because when I set up an ingress router to whoami, it works perfectly fine. However, when setting up an ingress route to the Traefik dashboard, the page loads but the elements on it struggle to load the dashboard and I am unsure why. Could I get some help please?

Here is my yaml:

apiVersion: traefik.containo.us/v1alpha1
kind: IngressRoute
  name: dashboard
    - web
    - match: Host(`traefik-test.here`) && PathPrefix(`/dashboard`)
      kind: Rule
        - name: api@internal
          kind: TraefikService

The dashboard looks like this:

You are missing the api path that delivers the data, see docs.

Host(`traefik-test.here`) && ( PathPrefix(`/api`) || PathPrefix(`/dashboard`) )
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thank you, this worked.