Metrics not updated, still 0 after a full day

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No metricy in traefik pilot.

Steps to reproduce
Registered to traefik pilot
Registered the instance
Added the token to the traefik's docker compose.
Restartet traefik container
Instance is now wisible on traefik pilot
... but there are no metrics. Even if I wait a full day. All 0 ...

Expected behavior
Would see some figures.

Current behavior
All metrics are 0


I have the same problem. The instance is detected as online but I have no metrics, even after a couple of days from the setup.

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Same problem. Using the newest container.

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Thanks for your report.

It took some times but we hope to have identified (and fixed) the root cause. The fix was put in production this morning. Normally, it should be working for metrics after 10:00 (CET)

Are you now able to see metrics for your instance ?

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Hello, thanks for the fix! I can confirm that my dashboard now shows all the metrics without issues.

Hello @9to5crypto

Perfect, thanks a lot for confirming that.

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Hello, same here. thx. All good.

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