Manual provider SSL with Bind9 multi Wildcard

Hello, how can I see the hash to add to the txt record. I am wanting to implement wildcard certificates and must manually add to bind9.
I use docker compose, -traefik 2.4.2
where can I see the hash to add to my txt record?
version: "3.8"
container_name: 1_traefik_{SERVER_NAME} image: "traefik:{TRAEFIK_VERSION}"
restart: unless-stopped
- --certificatesresolvers.ledns.acme.dnschallenge=true
- --certificatesresolvers.ledns.acme.keyType="RSA8192"
- --certificatesresolvers.ledns.acme.dnschallenge.provider=manual

Hi @efacu47

The docs say you have to run it interactively, with --log.level=DEBUG.

manual manual none, but you need to run Traefik interactively 4, turn on debug log to see instructions and press Enter

Is this something you can script/program and use exec provider ?

Vi en la documentacion eso pero no lo entiendo. --log.level=DEBUG.
When I run: "docker log container_traefik" returns as result:

lego: Please create the following TXT record in your zone: 120 IN TXT "KBRufjWw2-NssgMELvrfdssrbaXY-m62fKd2mhxXSX5RoTM"
lego: Press 'Enter' when you are done
lego: You can now remove this TXT record from your zone: 120 IN TXT "..."

That means you have to run it with stdin/stdout and tty attached. And you'd have to do again this sometime before the 90day certificate expiry.

docker run --interactive --tty ... traefik:v2.4.2 ...

in docker-compose.yml

    stdin_open: true # docker run -i
    tty: true

Then ran: docker-compoe up -d
and docker logs container_traefik

Hi @efacu47

docker-compose is not docker run. If you can run it that way interactively, best of luck to you.

Thank you very much for your help.