Lifecycle parameters gone in Traefik 2.0

We're in the process of moving to Traefik 2.0, and I'm noticing that the lifecycle parameters are gone. In our Traefik 1.x setup for Kubernetes, we set these flags as following

        - --lifecycle.requestacceptgracetimeout=30s
        - --lifecycle.gracetimeout=15s

This gave us a fiarly slow and controlled rollout of new traefik versions. If those parameters are no longer provided in 2.0, how does Traefik 2.0 respond to SIGKILL signals, and what are the default timeouts?

(BTW I don't agree with the forum tags, none of them fit this question. There should be a "none of the above" tag)


the lifecycle is now on the entry point:

awesome, thanks for that!