Issue report :docker-compose with pilot token don't run

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i can't register my instance of traefik with traefik pilot
Steps to reproduce

  1. i add the token to my docker-compose:
  container_name: traefik
    image: traefik:2.5.5
    restart: always
      token: "TOKEN_HERE"
  1. when i try docker-compose up i see message:
    "Unsupported config option for services.traefik: 'pilot'"

Hi @gork,

you should place your pilot token in traefik's static configuration (command line, environment variables, traefik.toml, traefik.yaml, depends on your configuration) instead of the compose file.

Here is an example of a working configuration: GitHub - wollomatic/simple-traefik: simple traefik v2 / letsencrypt deployment with docker compose

The pilot token is included as comment in simple-traefik/traefik.yaml at master · wollomatic/simple-traefik · GitHub


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