Is it possible to change name of an instance?

The default names aren't very descriptive, and it will be difficult to keep track of what's what once many instances are added:


It is not possible.

As Traefik is a stateless proxy, a new id is generated every time it will restart.
Let's say, you provide a name to the proxy#277477..., if you restart this Traefik, a new proxy will appear in your instance on Pilot. and we have no way to know that this new proxy is the same as the previous one. This is not how Traefik works.

So for now, it doesn't make sense to give a name to a proxy.

On the other side, you can give a name to an instance to recognize a group of proxy sharing the same purpose. For example, if your are using Traefik inside a Kubernetes, you could create a token in Pilot (and give it a name) for each deployment of Traefik. This way, you can group in the same way as Kubernetes in Pilot. This applies for every way of deploying Traefik, not just Kubernetes, of course.

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