IPWhitelist with Android via VPN

Hey, I'm trying something quite simple, I thought:
access my app from my phone also when away from home - but no one else should be allowed

A) use public domain and whitelist phone's IP --> dynamic IP, not working
B1) use a VPN and then use a local domain
B2) or a public domain whitelisted to local IPs

Problem is that with B1, apparently android doesn't care for the DHCPs DNS, but rather uses another one and therefore doesn't resolve local domains (xyz.home).
Problem is that with B2, my phone chooses the public way (getting the public IP from the 3rd Party DNS) and is rejected due to not whitelisted IP

any ideas on what to do? Cant believe I am the only one o_O

Okay, my bad... :frowning:

I am using pi.hole also as DHCP, when using AVM FritzBox's VPN though, the internal DNS settings of the box are used and those still had been set to the provider's DNS. I changed them to the pi.hole IP and everything is fine now!

P.S.: additionally one has to disable private DNS in Android Settings

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