Ipwhitelist logging (refuse)

I noticed that the IPwhitelist middleware loggs rejections but I was wondering where that would end up?

I don't see it in the access.log or container log even with DEBUG log level.

Per the code you found it is logged at --log.level=DEBUG

time="2021-01-06T13:32:28Z" level=debug msg="rejecting request &{Method:GET URL:/ Proto:HTTP/2.0 ProtoMajor:2 ProtoMinor:0 Header:map[Accept:[/] User-Agent:[curl/7.68.0] X-Forwarded-Host:[foo.bar.com] X-Forwarded-Port:[443] X-Forwarded-Proto:[https] X-Forwarded-Server:[cf4ca88f3fc4] X-Real-Ip:[]] Body:0xc000555140 GetBody: ContentLength:0 TransferEncoding:[] Close:false Host:foo.bar.com Form:map[] PostForm:map[] MultipartForm: Trailer:map[] RemoteAddr: RequestURI:/ TLS:0xc000468370 Cancel: Response: ctx:0xc0005556e0}: "" matched none of the trusted IPs" middlewareName=ipwl@docker middlewareType=IPWhiteLister

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