Ingress losing some settings on restart (k3s)

I'm experiment with some Kubernetes stuff TrueNAS Scale, which comes with K3s (1.25.3) installed. I installed one of the TrueCharts Apps ( but the settings for it appear buggy. I had configured it to use a clusterissuer, but the relevant settings didn't end up in the (traefik) Ingress.

Therefore I manually changed the Ingress with k3s kubectl edit and managed to get my certificate issued with This is what the Ingress looks like after editing:

kind: Ingress
  annotations: lets-encrypt-xxxxxx dokuwiki ix-dokuwiki websecure
  creationTimestamp: "2023-03-29T14:08:05Z"
  generation: 13
  labels: dokuwiki Helm dokuwiki "20220731.1"
    helm-revision: "6" dokuwiki-5.0.25
  name: dokuwiki
  namespace: ix-dokuwiki
  resourceVersion: "6123797"
  uid: fab6a1dd-6edd-4f8f-9e83-d4f1ed72dd1c
  ingressClassName: traefik
  - host:
      - backend:
            name: dokuwiki
              name: main
        path: /
        pathType: Prefix
  - hosts:
    secretName: myhost-mydomain-com-tls
    - ip: 

It seemed to work well enough, but when I stop and restart the app in the TrueNAS UI, the secretName disappears for some reason, even though the added annotation is kept, for example. This leads to the certificate not being used, but worse, it is also deleted so a new certificate will have to be issued when I add the secretName back. That's pretty bad, and obviously I want to keep my settings between restarts.

What causes this behavior and how can I prevent it?

@arjunsuhass The behavior you're experiencing is likely caused by the app's deployment or helm chart overwriting the Ingress resources and removing the secretName field. To Prevent this, you can try:

Check the app's documentation or configuration options for customizing the Ingress resource.

  1. Modify the app's deployment or helm chart to include the secretName field.
  2. Create a separate custom Ingress resource for your certificate configuration.
  3. Explore app-specific customization options for certificate and Ingress configuration.
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