How to setup traefik on AWS EC2 with custom SSL with load balancing on single instance

Hi Experts. We are testing traefik to replace the apache server for the below scenario.
We have a single AWS EC2 instance. (ip xx.xx.xx.xx.)
domains. app1.domain, app2.domain, app3.domain( managed by The IT team)
Ports Available: 80, 8080, 443, 3838,3839,3840 etc.
For i.e. Ports 3838, 3839, 3840 are reserved for only app2 with 3 services ( aforementioned 3 ports) but need to be accessed by (using load balancer). and other domains have other apps with single respective ports like app1 on 7070 or app3 on 4042 likewise.
Can anyone help on this scenario to deploy on ubuntu.