How to replace a certificate with a host name which should be removed?

I have an a certificate with multiple host names. And I have removed one host name from the traefik configuration and from my domain. How do I renew or replace this certificate, using httpChallenge (or tlsChallenge)?

The certificate probably needs to be replaced with a certificate that doesn't contain the specific host name. When you add a host name it's automatic, but it seems traefik doesn't request a new certificate when a host name is removed. Do I have to remove the certificate manually to force a new certificate request?

Edit: Manual deleting the certificate in the storage works. Is it a bug or a missing feature that it isn't able to instead replace the certificate when it isn't possible to renew a certificate containing a host name that doesn't exist?

What does your static configuration look like? (traefik.toml)
I have my letsencrypt/ACME config setting in traefik.toml. So you would probably just need to edit that file and remove the reference, then restart traefik.