How to publish a new plugin?

I've created a copy of Traefik plugin, did a small change and published it to GitHub.
After about an hour I still don't see it on Traefik Pilot site.

How can I troubleshoot ?

Here's my repository, forked from GitHub - traefik/plugin-blockpath


the forks are not authorized as plugin, you have to create your own repository.

I recommend using the "use this template" button from this repository: GitHub - traefik/plugindemo: A Traefik demo plugin.

Thanks for the explanation - will be trying now.

Plugin succesfully published to Traefik Pilot website,

But the proxy still fails when starting

2021/07/01 12:13:50 traefik.go:76: command traefik error: failed to download plugin error: 500: {"error":"Failed to get plugin"}

Any ideas ?

@ldez could you help with debugging that 500 error for downloading plugin.
I enebled DEBUG logs but there is no more useful information. Proxy crashes immediately on plugin download attempt.

error: 410: 410 Gone: not found: invalid version: module contains a go.mod file, so major version must be compatible: should be v0 or v1, not v2

You should respect the same rules as a standard Go module:

  • a tag must be unique (it's not possible to push several times the same tag)
  • a change of the major version implies a change of the module name

Basically our platform is a kind of extended Go module proxy.


Note: you can use the dev mode to test your plugin instead of our platform (GitHub - traefik/plugindemo: A Traefik demo plugin.)

Sorry, what could I do to make it appear now ?
Will pushing small change to demo.go and adding new tag with patch portion change only work ?

I am just doing evaluation of a platform about possibility to extend it, so I do need to ensure that I can poublishe the plugin , dev mode is not sufficient for my goal.

I ve just put a new tag and new version once, what I did wrong with these modules version ?

I am just doing evaluation of a platform about possibility to extend it,

How do you want to extend our platform?

Can you explain that?

I already answered in my previous post: How to publish a new plugin? - #6 by ldez

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