Fastcgi_param HTTPS on in Traefik

I have a Docker container running here with an Apache and Shopware6.

We had NGINX running before but there the admin login did not work after an update.

After I changed in the NGINX.conf the entry

" fastcgi_param HTTPS on; "

added there the admin ran without problems

We have now problems with the CronJob and have therefore changed to Apache and also there the admin login does not run now. Now my question is can I add in the conf of Traefik what the same purpose as " fastcgi_param HTTPS on; " causes.

I have already searched a little but found nothing about it so now I ask here!

Hello @csaeum

Thanks for asking the question on the forum.

However, Traefik does not support the FastCGI protocol. There is a proposal already submitted on Github long time ago.

I would keep Nginx as a web server for your application and you can still use Traefik as the edge router for your Docker containers.

Thank you,