Email not received

Hi. I've tried to register my traefik instance with traefik pilot. I signed up using email but I've never received the activation email. It also wasn't in spam. However, I received the email when signing up for this account so I doubt it's my settings. Could someone look into this please? Is there a way to re-send the activation email? Thanks.


Thank you for playing with Traefik Pilot!

We had problems sending mail to Outlook email addresses. We just fixed the problem.

Please try again, and let us know if you are now receiving the emails.

PS: mail can be sorted as spam.

Thanks for looking into this. I've now received the email and yes, it was in spam.

After clicking on the link, I received {"name":"BadRequestError","code":"invalid_result_url","description":"invalid result url: [...]","statusCode":400}
but that appears to be okay because I've managed to register my traefik instance. Thanks!

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