Downloading plugins fails with client timeout

So I'm giving Traefik Pilot a try, and wanted to test the simple-cache plugin.
However, it consistently fails to actually download the plugin.
Here's the log entry I see over and over again:

2020/12/05 16:36:06 traefik.go:76: command traefik error: failed to download plugin failed to call service: Get "": context deadline exceeded (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)

The containers running traefik have no issues connecting anywhere. Metrics are seen on Pilot, and I've manually executed a wget against that URL from inside the container (and received a Bad Request due to the missing token, which is ok, but it is reachable).

Any idea what might be happenning? Can the client timeout be increased to avoid the Timeout error?

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Same issue here, with a different plugin.

Also, same context: no any other issues with traefik, getting Bad request while accesing the url...