Does this feature (in my head) exist?

Hi everyone,

Just registered on here to ask a question that I could not find on the internet.

I am currently using Traefik to proxy all my HTTP(S) within my Docker containers. I have everything working except the FreePBX container. As some of my be aware FreePBX uses RTP ports that is iniatied by FreePBX (for audio calls). The issue is I would like FreePBX to create a RTP session from FreePBX to the IP address of Traefik. Currently FreePBX is creating the RTP session via the IP of the FreePBX container. What I thought I could do (in my mind) was to create some type of label on the FreePBX container telling the container to route the RTP session from FreePBX out via the Traefik container?!?!

Everything else is working via Traefik. Just this blooming scenario I fell against. Any help would be apprecaited!