Documentation suggestion 2

Static vs dynamic configuration is unclear for beginners. It would be good if all code examples tagged with filename. (traefik.yml or dynamic-config-example.yml)

In "Multiple Domains from Router's tls.domain Example" section has invalid YAML syntax and star value not working. Let's Encrypt - Traefik

      - main: ""
          - "*"


        main: ""
          - ""
          - ""
LetsEncrypt not supported RSA8192 keytype.

Hello @gabor

You may want to raise an issue on the documentation or create a PR with your changes. See Contribute to Documentation

Can you explain or reference your comment for invalid yaml? Both these examples parse and lint fine.

This is the syntax for wildcard certificates and needs to use the DNS-01 challenge to solve. The second syntax, that you suggest, is for use with HTTP-01 and TLNS-01 challenge.

The lego library used by treafik does support RSA8192 and any acme providers that supports RSA8192 would work. Traefik is not restricted to using lets encrypt as an acme provider.