Certificate on demand when dns is not ready

When I add a new domain (moving from another server), it would be good if traefik could "survive" that the DNS is not updated yet to point to the server.

Currently traefik could risk getting the domain temporarily blocked at letsencrypt if it tries to request a cart when the domain still points to the old server

If I don't add the domain before the dns is updated, visitors risk getting 404 not found, and I have to monitor when the domain updates.

The ideal solution would be if traefik is about to request a certificate, it checks if dns points to it.
The public IP should probably be in a config option. (don't forget ipv6)

Then when the dns is updated, and traffic starts to arrive at the new domain, traefik could request a cert again.

Could it be an option for the http -> https redirect rules that they require a valid certificate, so the client is alllowed to stay at http? Or is it moot, as most users use https as default when they arrive from search engines?