Can't see more than 10 routers

Today I've noticed that I can't see more than 10 routers, all the routers after 10 that should be in another page can't be seen. When I try to change page it shows me this:

I can't change page to see all the routers, but if I search for a specific router that isn't in the list it appears in the search results. (And all the routers are fully working). Has someone experienced this before?


I recommend to update your Traefik to v2.2

I updated from V2.0.7 to v2.2 and still the same issue.

It's not possible because we removed the pagination in the v2.2.

We replaced it by an infinite scroll.

I'm sorry. I didn't clear the cache in my browser (noob mistake) and it still showed pagination, now it's working.