Cannot create Path from PHP-script. How to escape the && operator

I have a piece of PHP-code in which I specify Traefik labels inside a call to docker:

    $command = new Command(
        "docker run",
        [ "--name \"{$userName}\"",
          "-a stdin",
          "--network proxy", // the reverse proxy Traefik is in the proxy network
          "--label traefik.enable=true", // label for Traefik to route trafic
          "--label traefik.http.routers.{$userName}.rule = \"(Host(\\`student.{$serverName}\\`) && Path(\\`/{$userName}\\`))\"", //
          $studentProtoImage // image name to run

When I inspect the docker container once it runs, the Traefik label suddenly has twice \\\u0026 instead of twice &:

                "traefik.http.routers.stefj.rule": "Host(`student.localhost`) \\\u0026\\\u0026 Path(`/stefj`)"

I expected it to be

                "traefik.http.routers.stefj.rule": "Host(`student.localhost`) && Path(`/stefj`)"

I tried all sorts of ways to escape the &, but nothing works. Can anyone help me out?