Can Traefik v2 image be configured to add user-provided tags to the load balancer it creates?

I'm currently running Traefik 2.1.6 on an AWS EKS cluster. When creating its ELB resource it adds a couple of tags. Is it possible to configure the Traefik docker image with additional ELB resource tags to supplement those tags? If not possible, is this desirable? Would a PR adding this capability be considered?

Many thanks in advance for any info you can share!


I think that you are speaking about annotations.

The annotations are for Ingress only (in CRD/IngressRoute we don't want to use annotations because we have CRDs), in the v2.2 we added the support of some annotations:

We don't to plan to support any "external" annotations.

No, I'm talking about AWS resource tags, not Kubernetes labels or annotations. I tag all resources associated with a system environment with tags "System" and "Environment", among others used for per-team/per-project cost-tracking purposes, as well as allowing us to use AWS resource groups matching on these tags. The vast majority of the infrastructure is managed with Terraform and it is tagging all resources that it creates (or the ones that have tags support). The ELBs created by Traefik are all that have to be manually tagged sideband. I would like to avoid that by passing in tags, a [string]string map, to be applied to the ELB created by Traefik at server startup time through cli args and/or env vars.

This could also be applied to load balancers created by other cloud providers, as well. I know some support tagging of cloud load balancers like AWS does.