404 on kubernetes terraform deployment

Hi there,

i am getting http 404 on my kubernetes deployment when deployed automatically with traefik helm chart and terraform.

I'm struggling with this for days now.

If i install traefik manually with kubectl everything works fine (dashboard, basic auth and cert-manager ssl cert).

But if install it automatically via terraform - im getting a 404 on the dashboard or any service.

I am using the identical YAMLs for that - but no clue whats the problem.

traefik is runinng and must be working because:

  • i get http to https redirected
  • i see the right generated ssl cert from cert-manager

I don't get asked about basic auth login.

Any ideas how to find the problem here, thx in advance.

OMG it was a typo at the basic auth middleware !
After rewriting everything a realized that - maybe this helps someone

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